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Icy Haven

Moissanite Screw Back Earrings for Women & Men

Moissanite Screw Back Earrings for Women & Men

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Indulge in sheer perfection with our colorless moissanite earrings, boasting an impeccable combination of an excellent polish and cut. These earrings radiate brilliance and fire, captivating onlookers with every glance. Choose from 4.0mm for a delicate 0.6 carat total weight, 5.0mm for a brilliant 1.0 carat total weight, 6.5mm for a stunning 2.0 carat total weight, and 8.0mm for a truly luxurious 4.0 carat total weight.



-Material: solid 925 Sterling silver

-Gemstone: Moissanite




3.0mm- 0.1 ct each
4.0mm- 0.3 ct each
5.0mm- 0.5 ct each
6.5mm- 1.0 ct each
8.0mm- 2.0 ct each 

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